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She Likes It Heavy

Dec 7, 2011

INTRO (0-0:27)
Believe in Black: Hail!Hornet (the south) (0:28-4:26)
(Talking about the end of vacation and back to Boston crap, dedicating all satanic songs to Tebow, super group Hail!Hornet/Weedeater spin-off)
Dog Star Ritual: Obake (Italy/Hungary) (5:54-10:55)
Empty Handed Insurrection: Black Pyramid (Massachusetts) (10:56-13:41
(Talking about Pitchfork’s top metal albums of 2011)
God's Old Snake: Primordial (Ireland) (14:26-20:47)
Returner: Liturgy (NYC) (21:19-24:50)
(Talking about relaxing the brain, receiving a request for Rwake from Zach) 
( Signs of Osiris Slain: Lord Vicar (Finland) (25:37-31:59)
Lithosphere: Seas of Stone (Germany)  (32:01-36:56)
(Talking about killing your brain, the devil liking Tebow)  
Inhumane: Krallice (NYC) (37:11-43:58)
Death of a Sorcerer: Devil (Norway) (44:30-49:14)
(Talking about receiving rude text messages from Tyler, downloading albums by Young and in the Way for free off their site)
Ascending the White Mountain: Young and in the Way (Charlotte, NC) (50:03-55:21)
Theseus and the Minotaur: Axxicorn (Portland) (55:23-1:01:00)
2nd HOUR!!
Intro: (1:01:00-1:28:00)
Quantum Mystic: YOB (1:01:30-1:12:20)
Mt. Zero (Is Burning): Deadbird (1:12:49-1:19:08)
Recogenesis: Enslaved (1:19:08-1:31:07)
Orion: Metallica (1:31:36-1:39:43)
Fly to the Rainbow: Scorpions (1:40:58-1:50:27)
Takeahnase: Neurosis (1:51:30-1:59:04)
The Kids Are Back: Twisted Sister (1:59:16-2:02:50)
(Listen next week on Tuesday at 6pm EST and download on!)