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Due to commuting 50 hours a day to and from work in this stupid Boston area traffic, and packing day and night to move across the country, I decided to take a month off from the show, and will be back in July. 

I will be back with Bands Not To Miss, and maybe an interview with some local metal head that feels like blabbering.

Take it easy or something!!  SEE YOU IN JULY!!!

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Afterwards: Arms of Ra (France) (0:28-5:43)


(French Arms of Ra is completely brilliant technical hardcore and sludge that will keep your interest the entire album; sharp metal hardcore from the UK Verdogr will kick your ass)


A Coffin In The Shape Of A Chapel: Verdogr (U.K.) (6:18-9:04)


(Aldebaran has a new album that is typical of their last releases – slow heavy buildups, good for the type of metal head that does not need to be spoonfed brutality; metal is ALSO in the quiet)

(Bereft from LA are AWESOME and fall into this bleak slow metal genre, and they are frigging AWESOME, and have just released their debut album) 


Mentality Of The Inanimate: Bereft (LA) (9:48-16:04)


(Witchcraft recording a new album after 5 years)

(Icarus Gasoline from Puntas Arenas, Chile do their desert stoner rock stuff in Spanish SO well, really gorgeous)


Un Desierto:  Icarus Gasoline (Chile) (16:50-20:48)


(Mean Milwaukee band with brutal hardcore crust songs coming out on the Southern Lord package tour with Noothgrush and Black Breath this summer)


Renegrenades: Enabler (Milwaukee) (21:11-25:19)


(Old Man Gloom is relatively famous, but still comes out with something good)


The Forking Path: Old Man Gloom (now Boston) (26:10-29:39)


(Dark Seattle death doom Anhedonist with guttural and eerie vocals) 


Carne Liberatus: Anhedonist (Seattle) (30:00-34:56)


(Dark alternative 80’s nostalgic, riffy and experimental and spacey – one of the best)


One: Umor (Croatia) (35:18-41:13)


(Danish Ajuna is black and romantic; the effect is technical experimental and allegedly crazy live)


Winter: Ajuna (Denmark) (41:32-45:32)


(Ah, beautiful Spain invokes visions of wine and sophistication, and of course a HUGE metal scene; Teething is grindcore crust)


Teething (Madrid) (45:55-47:58)


(If you stop loving and adoring me, I will cease to exist)

(Batillus, my number one album of last year, has a new split with Whitehorse – this is a new one!!)


Silver Mortar: Batillus (Brooklyn) (49:32-end)


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Against the Curse, We Dream: Hail Spirit Noir (Greece) (0:28-6:48)


(Hail Spirit Noir is brilliantly weird: retro and black and psychedelic with a touch of King Diamond horror; another Greece band, Inside it Grows, mixes prog and death, but not cheesy, and has super riffy guitars – love the vocals)


And The Voices Of The Dead: Inside It Grows (Greece) (7:56-11:57)


(Theatrical death thrash heavy metal with hot chick frontman who likes to hang out in heavy metal underwear)


Spell Eater: Huntress (LA, of course) (12:34-16:30)


(Christian Mistress is touring and playing in San Francisco on June 19th; YOB frontman Mike Scheidt solo acoustic album out in June, his vocals are Cat Stevenish, I love him and will get this for sure) 


In Your Light: Mike Scheidt (YOB frontman/Eugene, OR) (17:44-22:14)


(Moonless opening for big bands like Church of Misery and Ufomammut , good old rock riffs; French black metal from The Great Old Ones is super lush)


The Bastard In Me: Moonless (Denmark) (23:00-29:57)

Visions of R'lyeh: The Great Old Ones (France) (30:26-37:17)


(Monster Truck plays good time summer music)


Seven Seas Blues: Monster Truck (Toronto) (37:44-41:27)


(Obolus is depressive black metal and dreamy)


Lament: Obolus (San Francisco) (41:44-48:20)


(2 piece Halmos is minimalistic (obviously) yet rich)


Antithesis Superstructure: Halmos (Georgia) (48:38-51:54)


(Nightosaur is like old school 80’s keg party high school metal except I am Indian and was watching the Love Boat with her parents so what the hell do I know about anything cool)


There May Be Dragons: Nightosaur (Minneapolis) (52:28-end)



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I have CHANGED my live show to Wednesday at 8pm EST starting next week.

Intro (0-0:27)

Enquillage à Burnes: Bud Spencer (France) (0:28-4:21)


(Bud Spencer is proggy but not cold, rocks, reminds me of KEELHAUL!!) 


(Dawnbringer, one of my fave bands is coming out with Into the Lair of the Sun God; Church of Misery is touring with Gates of Slumber and Hail!Hornet – you guys canNOT miss this show – they will be in San Francisco)


(Fire Faithful is whisky metal in the vein of Hail!Hornet and Old Grandad)


Wonton Lavey: Fire Faithful (Virginia) (5:44-11:25)


(If you are a band and releasing music, please have at least 1-2 songs free to download, trust me this is the ONLY way to get your music out there.  Your fans will appreciate it, blogs appreciate it, and your radio djs appreciate it, and it will be marketed WAY better)

(Law of the Tongue is also a whiskey band – Saturday afternoon beer drinking, dirty music)


Rebirth: Law of the Tongue (Australia) (12:23-17:50)


(Come on, 1972.)


No Need: Toad (Switzerland, circa 1972) (18:00-21:33)


(Wolves Carry My Name is a great ad hoc jammy yet brutal German band)


Nineteen Stitches: Wolves Carry My Name (Germany) (22:21-28:07)


(The Heavy Eyes describe themselves as “skeleton driving a speed boat on a flaming Mississippi River headed back to 1969”)


Catfish Blues: The Heavy Eyes (Tennessee) (28:31-31:10)


(Finnish band Ever Circling Wolves is death and doom)


A Desperate Frolic: Ever Circling Wolves (Finland) (31:39-35:42)


(Pacific Northwest Serial Hawk is loud, heavy, wall of sound; Mentat is gorgeous and brutal)


Calling of the Hawk: Serial Hawk (Seattle) (36:18-40:30)

Un Juego Estupido: Mentat (Spain) (41:01-47:14)


(Spelljammer likes Dungeons and Dragons and is hypnotic and heavy)


Nine: Spelljammer (Sweden) (47:47-53:12)


(Ice Dragon do psychedelic drugs and write their psychedelic music which had a lot of experimental stuff on the album, they have also shared a split with Pilgrim, who I really like also)


Illuminations Foretold: Ice Dragon (Massachusetts) (53:59-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Share: Sound of Ground (Russia) (0:28-5:13)


(3 piece Vancouver Mendozza has a female drummer called Master Beater - latest album mixed by Billy Anderson)


The Undertaking: Mendozza (Vancouver) (5:59-11:27)


(Fehler’s debut album is good emotional quality album, not cheesy)


Affluenza: Fehler (Netherlands) (11:44-18:42)


(Feist and Mastodon released a split doing covers of each other’s song)


Black Tounge: Feist (off of a split with Mastodon called Feistodon) (18:57-22:37)


(Electric Wizard new release; they are curating 2013’s Roadburn festival)


Legalise Drugs & Murder: Electric Wizard (UK) (23:00-29:09)


(3 piece Irreversible made up of strange atmospheric compositions, beautiful, a bit industrialish in parts)


No Pure Conception: Irreversible (Atlanta) (29:28-37:03)


(Austrians Torso is bluesy psychedelic; Golden Bats is a one-man’s group solo project who created music that if he had to do it live, he could – so not too complicated)


Black Man: Torso (Austria) (37:35-43:35)

Poison Arrows: Golden Bats (Brisbane) (44:07-49:30)


(Southern Lord’s Black Breath is all over the blogosphere - dark, fast, evil)


Obey: Black Breath (Seattle) (49:53-55:01)


(ICO is touring with Ufomammut; they are proggy and weird and death metal)


Mirzam: Incoming Cerebral Overdrive – ICO (Italy) (55:28-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Bitter: Dead Southern Bishop (Georgia) (0:28-6:50)


(Touring the south with Georgia’s Dead Southern Bishop and Tennessee’s Otis Reaper – southern malice and blackened vocals)


Graveyard Sorcery: Otis Reaper (Tennessee) (7:28-10:19)


(Touring the northwest with Sun Eater, who are mostly dreamy instrumental psychedelic music; 90’s Burning Witch with members of Thor’s Hammer and Goatsnake)


Sun Eater: Sun Eater (Tacoma) (11:03-17:10)

Tower Place: Burning Witch (Seattle) (17:40-22:55)


(Canadian Pyres are metal sludge and hardcore)


Atlas Cast No Shadow: Pyres (Toronto) (23:12-29:02)


(Beautiful female vocals and 70’s style bluesy back porch rock from Greece) 


Lady Fantasy: Dead Man’s Band (Greece) (29:32-33:57)


(Batillus will be coming out with a split with Whitehorse in May, and heading on a short tour of the northeast; Whitehorse is slumbering dark stuff; NOÛS released an EP out that is experimental loud sludge)


Control, Annihilate: Whitehorse (Australia) (34:52-38:55)

Biota: NOÛS (Australia) (39:27-43:28)


(Relapse Records is marketing 16 all over the place; dark and angry, though the vocals aren’t my favorite)  


Theme from "Pillpopper": 16 (LA) (44:03-47:40)


(Billy Anderson seems to mix and record every band including Sweden’s Galvano; I will be in Paris next week!!! But I am pre-recording a show with all new stuff so keep listening live next week!)


The Librarian: GALVANO (Sweden) (48:35-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Copper Eye: Fleshpress (Finland) (0:28-6:16)


(Fleshpress from Finland like fleshlights; Blizaro is Horror Rock and plays organs)


Night Fumes: Blizaro (NY) (7:28-15:12)


(Tres Perros jams live in Berlin)


Drop Out (live in Berlin): Tres Perros (Poland) (15:36-21:03)


(Gods of Chaos is crusty anger from Croatia)


Grinning with an Errection at the Gallows: Gods of Chaos (Croatia) (21:55-25:10)


(Black metalist Claudia Alcara’s beautiful acoustic side project; No Anchor is Australian energy)


gone by the fall: stroszek (Italy) (25:41-30:36)

Pussyfootin': No Anchor (Brisbane) (30:38-32:44)


(I am racist, Finnish Otu is badass sneering badness; soothing Buried Sleeper)


Apocalypse: Otu (Finland) (33:11-40:42)

Colosseum: Buried Sleeper (UK) (41:04-46:57)


(Angsty Idaho creates music)


The Youngest One in Curls: Diazepam (Idaho) (47:18-51:48)


(Russian The Moon Mistress is heavy, low, awesome vocals)


Cease To Exist: The Moon Mistress (Russia) (52:20-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

The First Man: Cormorant (San Francisco) (0:28-6:21)


(Cormorant is death/thrash/prog, a “best of” album; Spanish Horn of the Rhino new release with awesome fun HEAVY riffs and great vocalist)


Under The Hoof: Horn of the Rhino (Spain) (7:02-12:09)


(Duskburn says they like Weedeater and Deadbird)


Charred: Duskburn (Croatia) (12:25-16:33)


(Desertfest in London last weekend and had the best bands ever – must go to this if they have it next year; Brachiosauride’s album has a bunch of different styles in one album; they are total weirdos


The Burning Giraffe: Brachiosauride (No idea where they are from) (17:41-22:08)


(OM new album in July; The Flight of Sleipnir’s album is beautiful – so if you don’t like pretty, you won’t like this)


The Serpent Ring: The Flight of Sleipnir (Colorado) (22:34-28:04)


(Mangoo from Small Stone records;  Black Space Riders is spacy and psychedelic with a singer that reminds me of David Bowie when he isn’t growling)


You, Robot: Mangoo (Finland) (28:33-33:19)

Night Over Qo Nos (Masrammey): Black Space Riders (Germany) (33:50-38:33)


(Black Mountain is psychedelic with atmospheric gloomy dark vocals – very awesome vocals/romantic)


Tyrants: Black Mountain (Canada) (38:52-46:25)


(Ufomammut’s new release – much darker than their other releases)


Infearnatural: Ufomammut (Italy) (47:00-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Viols: Gauchiste (DC) (0:28-4:33)


(Gauchiste is horror ambient with this awesome brutal underlying metal sound going on, a trio, one musician from Loincloth; Argentina’s Cabrocordero is frigging AWESOME, low bass gritty dirty trash metal)  


Anitcha: Cabrocordero (Argentina) (5:27-8:34)


(Mike Scheidt from YOB will be playing solo at Roadburn in a couple of weeks; new solo album out on June 12th on Thrill Jockey; Hog is SO GOOD and has members from Tooth)


Sightless & Deaf: Hog (North Carolina) (9:10-14:36)


(Finnish band Horse Latitudes have new album –they two bass guitars and drums)


dissolution: Horse Latitudes (Finland) (14:57-22:16)


(Greenleaf from Small Stone Records is Dozer and Truckfighters spin-off with a brand new album; catchy rock, king of jamming)


Jack Staff: Greenleaf (Sweden) (23:18-27:24)


(I love Small Stone Records but the new Ancestor album SUCKS; Asteroid out with a new album soon;  Philadelphia has a great scene including the next 2 awesome bands: Hivelords and Sadgiqucea (Sah-ju-kay-sha) which is a 2 piece band)


upon arrival at the grim structure: Hivelords (Philadelphia) (28:24-35:52)

Nature's Antidote: SADGIQACEA (Philadelphia) (35:54-41:51)


(Japanese Sigh is old school black metal but more experimental now and has an AWESOME new album)


The Transfiguration Fear: Sigh (Japan) (42:12-46:58)


(TeePee records rules: Elks and Kadavar:

Elks album “Destined for the Sun” described by the band in the following way: “peaceful inhabitants of a planet colonized by an expanding empire.  Tricked during first contact, the natives find themselves aboard a golden space hulk hurtling towards the nearest sun. Without food or water they are forced to eat the flesh of their kin while the heat from the approaching sun slowly cooks them alive. Eventually their screams reach out across the stars to awaken a slumbering Rift Wurm, which knocks them off course. Their ship crash lands on an inhabitable planet, and the unlucky survivors begin to rebuild their society with one goal in mind: Revenge.”)


The Transfiguration Fear: Elks (Brooklyn) (48:17-53:00)


(TeePee’s Kadavar is frigging awesome, especially if you are a fan of Graveyard/70’s revitalists stuff – they are NOT the Italian death metal band, spelled exactly the same)


Black sun: Kadavar (Berlin) (53:33-end)


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