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Groove black metal from a great part of the metal world.

Eel: Absenta (Spain)(0:28-5:57)

Not very sweet grind from Aussies, who are pretty angry people.

Enslaved: Cursed Earth (AU)(6:51-8:43)

Belgian drumming added to a ferociously thoughtful album. 

Ascension into the Palace of the Dark Gods: Lvthn (Belgium)(9:07-16:10)

Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto is all over the place, guest vocals on Urgehal’s last album and this blast of an album.  Good infiltration of thrash threading through the album. 

The Wickeds Transient Sleep: Sarke (Norway)(16:46-20:25)

Debut album three years from their last E.P.  Instrumentally strong. 

As The Void Absorbs All Light: Lothorian (Belgium)(20:59-26:56)

Italian grind, great for working out.

Restore the Judgement: Neid (Italy)(27:56-29:57)

20 year-old band that has lent a fast pace to the atmospheric black metal scene. 

Storming from Beyond: Sorcier Des Glaces (Quebec)(30:21-36:29)

No, this band is not Chinese.  They just said they were, but actually are from North Dakota.  Weird marketing scheme, but maybe not.  Darkly emotional black metal from China is way rarer.

Death and the Maiden: Ghost Bath (North Dakota)(37:06-43:24)

Death, doom and sludge from Texans. 

The Nameless Dead: Sabrewulf (El Paso)(44:28-49:36)

Oaken is a moody MOODY emotional romantic doom band, that breaks into blasts of hardcore.

The Hyena: Oaken (Budapest)(50:31-END)

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Full of Hell is just a cool band who has their new stuff for free on bandcamp. Powerviolence at its best.

Amber Mote: Full of Hell (PA & MD)(0:28-2:23)

Crooning loveliness from North Carolina.

Don't Forget the Sun: Wailin Storms (NC)(3:22-8:51)

Chicago abrasive sludge.

Fixed Position: Angry Gods (Chicago)(9:23-11:45)

Oh, I love love love love Greenleaf, and this new album is frigging fantastic.  The vocalist is one to smooch all over.  Melodies is the focus.

Levitate And Bow (Pt. 1 & 2): Greenleaf (Sweden)(12:35-19:34)

Thrash fun thrash fun.

Hounds At Ya Back: Deströyer 666 (Previously AU, now UK)(20:04-25:16)

Mantar hates art.

Era Borealis: Mantar (Germany)(27:02-31:01)

Scorpion Child spinoff!! Duel fucking rocks balls and shit.

The Kraken: Duel (Austin)(31:44-36:29)

Weekend Nachos spinoff!!! Chicago style hardcore: witty and filthy.

Grief Incarnate: Like Rats (Chicago)(37:01-41:17)

It always hurts my heart to think about the original bassist and vocalist of Black Tusk dying in a motorcycle accident. This is a great video of him.

This is the last record with the late Jonathan Athon.  The band took this last year to put this album together. 

Born of Strife: Black Tusk (GA)(42:10-45:09)

Spacy proggy death metal.

Akróasis: Obscura (Germany)(45:57-50:16)

Minimal on one side, crushing on the other.  Full spectrum metal. 

North Shore - The Abstract Line: Hypno5e (Montpelier)(50:43-57:46)     

Instrumental burner stoner brah, with guest vocals.  20 years of lovin’.

Uccidendo Un Sgno: Karma to Burn (WV)(58:22-END)

Behind My Vocals: Getz/Gilberto, Eric Dolphy, Mingus, Miles, Keith Jarrett, Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk, Andrew Hill, Bud Powell

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Prog, black metal and sludge brought together with technical prowess and a crushing drummer.

Ufonaut: Entropia (Poland)(0:28-6:06)

2-piece spinoff from Krallice bringing forth experimental prog and atmosphere, super mathy and abstract. 

Silent Command: Geryon (NYC)(7:15-12:05)

Death rock threading through emotional black metal.

Autumn (Metsäpirtti part II): Ancestors Blood (Finland)(12:33-19:48)

Tombs added the incomparable Fade to their roster, Fade who is rooted in industrial and I really hope that it influences the whole album, which is coming out in April. 

Deceiver: Tombs (Brooklyn)(20:40-26:07)

Yep, this is a solid and original and fun EP from Voivod.  The following is their take on the famous song Silver Machine by Hawkwind.

Silver Machine: Voivod (Quebec)(27:07-31:47)

Reverb-heavy Satanic doom.

Rites: Gateway (Belgium)(32:07-36:48)

Lumbering doom from Conan.  New drummer on this album.

Revengeance: Conan (UK)(37:12-43:09)

70’s psychedelic retro jamming fun from Norway, female lead singer.

Aeolian Dunes: High Priest of Saturn (Norway)(44:06-54:36)

Northless’ lead singer is a highlight. 

The Curse of Being: Northless (Milwaukee)(55:27-END)

Behind the Vocals: Rare Earth, Frame, Shinki Chen, Burning Plague, Liquid Visions, More Than Anything, Novalis

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Avant-garde psychedelic black metal dreamscapers, my Finnish favorites, Best of 2013, I want to marry all of them and live in their music.

Hypnotisoitu Viharukous: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)(0:28-5:41)

Colorado 2-piece with the lead singer of Lord Mantis bringing forth a lovely dark noise sound, catchy and fun.

Beast Whip: Cobalt (Colorado)(6:50-15:09)

After their lead singer and guitarist died in 2012, the rest of the members of Urgehal put together existing tracks and asked multiple guest vocals on their last album. The next song has the lead singer of Darkthrone.

The Iron Children: Urgehal (Norway)(15:41-20:13)

If you think Holy Grail is charming, then go see them live. They shine with the most charismatic singer, and the fans are crazy for them.

Descent into the Maelstrom: Holy Grail (LA)(20:55-25:14)

Grindcore, but the hardcore aspect keeps it energetic.

Low: Wake (Calgary)(26:00-29:20)

Obvious Jethro Tull sound with the flutes, vocals bring it Swedish retro style, which is fabulous. Album is softer than harder.

The Outcast: Witchcraft (Sweden)(29:48-35:41)

Interpret Gehennah as the perfect drunk thrash in an homage to Lemmy. This is their first album in 20 years. Old drunk fun farts.

Gehennah Will Destroy Your Life: Gehennah (Sweden)(36:14-38:04)

Angular death metal from Sweden.

Succubus: Temisto (Sweden)(38:23-42:15)

Emotional lead singer lassos you into New Zealand Beastwars sludgey charm.

Holy Man: Beastwars (New Zealand)(43:37-48:33)

Chicago grind breaking into headbangingness.

Heathen (The Throes of Poison): Morgue Suppliers (Chicago)(48:54-51:29)

More atmospheric from Black Shape of Nexus, and I hope the full album is more of the same.

Facepunch Transport Layer: Black Shape of Nexus (Germany)(52:00-END)

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This week I count down to my #1 album, naming the “Best of” sub-genres along the way!  Last week I named A Forest of Stars as my #2 album (folk, black metal, avant-garde).

Behind My Vocals: Perturbator and Night Runner - synthwave from 2014

Best (Horror) Melodic:

Nostalgia for my death rock albums of yore played a big part in naming Tribulation in my favorite list of the year.  They do this melodic dark alternative death rock mixed with moody horror metal.  It’s a great retro sound, mixed with blacker modern.  They do a cover of One Hundred Years by the Cure!

Tribulation (Sweden), album - The Children of the Night (song - Holy Libations (0:28-6:52))

Best Garage:

Distorted garage blues vintage rock with unique vocals blended through.  They don’t shy away from hardening their sound, super heavy when they want.

Fuzz (SF), album - II (song - Bringer of Light (8:49-12:59))

Haust (Norway), album – Bodies: Haust won in Saturday album, so check out the review there.

Best Black Metal (Tie!): Both from Poland!

The lead singer of Outre stands out, with about a hundred different and experimental sounds.

Outre (Poland), album Ghost Chants (song - Chant 7 Arrival (14:07-21:41))

Perfect production makes Mgla shine: raw but shiny and sharp.  Darker than Outre in the best way.

Mgla (Poland), album - Exercises in Futility (song - VI (22:46-31:25))

Yellow Eyes (NYC), album - Sick with Bloom: Yellow Eyes is super dense, thick, suffocating.  Even when the notes clear there is still an oppressive distortion.  Not an easy ride, and fully enjoyable.  Emotional.

Leviathan (Portland), album - Scar Sighted: Leviathan goes for the creepy, depressing and scary path of black metal.

Odraza (Poland), album - Esperalem Tkane: This duo is not generic black metal.  They are avante garde, mixing in warm sounds into brutal, catchy into cold, old school and modern, rampage and soft, and raw as fuck.

Best Revitalist/Blues Rock (Tie!):

I seriously cannot believe that two bands in the finals of this genre are my FAVORITE BANDS OF ALL TIME. It was a very difficult choice because Horisont AND Graveyard came out with the best albums of their careers.

Blues rock hinges on the vocalist – it is the most emotional instrument in this genre.  Grusom jams hard on top of having the most gorgeous vocalist.  This is an incredibly emotional album.

Grusom (Denmark), album - S/T (song - Evil (32:12-37:15))

Oh, I can’t resist Graveyard.  This is their most romantic and honey-vocal album to date.  That says a lot. 

Graveyard (Sweden), album - Innocence & Decadence (song - Too Much Is Not Enough (37:41-42:15))

Horisont (Sweden), album – Odyssey: I called this album 'revitalist art' on my show.  It has the swagger of the 80's and the psychedelic emotional sweetness of the 70's.

Sonic Medusa (LA), album - The Sunset Soundhouse Tape: This was an absolutely surprise from LA rockers.  Even at (4) songs, this is an epic mini-album.

Best Experimental/Atmospheric/Drone:

What did I say about this band? Apocalyptic atmospheric electronic ambient friction metal, that breaks into magical bits of gorgeous composition.  You just want more of the pain.

Locrian (Chicago), album - Infinite Dissolution (song - Arc of Extinction (43:31-50:38))

Sunn O))) (Seattle), album – Kannnon: The growl, so deep in the throat, a song in itself. Next time, just the growl.

Best Classic Doom:

All three bands in the running were completely different, and all beloved in my heart.  Crypt Sermon was old school, Valkyrie took a southern flavor, and Khemmis was fully thick and heavy.

The vocalist, again, stands out.  Maybe that is the trick of all these bands, make sure you don’t get a cheesy idiot vocalist.  Crypt Sermon builds and builds and the riffage and it totally throws you around in the best way.

Crypt Sermon (Philly), album - Out of the Garden (song - Into The Holy of Holies (51:08-58:58))

Valkyrie (VA), album – Shadows: This is the second album from two brothers on guitars, seven years between albums.  This album is so rich and dense, the guitars playing so well together, natural and organic, southern rock really.

Khemmis (Denver), album – Absolution: Holy shit this album is fucking epic.  Guitars, thick distortion, vocals that are just beyond.

Best Post-Punk/Synth Wave/Death Rock/Electronica/Industrial:

You would do well to get all the albums listed below; all of them winners in each of their sub-genres.

Heat Dust does not do shoegaze.  They are harder angular aggressive dark alternative.  Overall one of the best albums of the year.  Romantic, moody, nostalgic but completely different from your favorite 80’s alternative.  Brilliant. 

Heat Dust (New Orleans), album - S/T (song - Something for Nothing (59:36-1:03:46))

Killing Joke (UK), album – Pylon: Killing Joke came out with one of the best darkwave/industrial albums in the last decade. It is completely versatile and leaps sounds from song to song.  You can sit in your room and listen to it and cry that you were never loved in high school.  I've said this over and over again, industrial artists from the 80's were some of the best of all time.  Eclectic, experimentalists, creepy drug-using weirdos.  Everything you need to make epic albums.  And when they grew up and didn't die of an overdose, they continued making fucking awesome albums.

Diät (East Berlin), album - Positive Energy: Sexy post-punk, reminding me of the stark monotone of early Bauhaus, mixing in fun speed, punk, pop, and smart lyricists.

Best Thrash:

Deathhammer describes themselves as “old.”  Just, “old.” I really enjoy that.  These guys are hilariously, most likely drunk, old school geriatric thrash good time.  Energy propels through your body, and that is the point of thrash, right?

Deathhammer (Norway), album - Evil Power (song - Sinner's Possession (1:04:31-1:09:42))

Ramming Speed (Boston), album - No Epitaphs: Vicious vocalist bringing in his force to angular thrash.

Black Fast (St. Louis), album - Terms of Surrender: Technical and precise, riff-heavy, great production, and importantly, dynamic

Saturday Album:

Saturday Album is the album I listen to most, and it ends up being the most inventive album of the year.  Last year it was Chicago's Murmur, an eclectic album ranging from brutal to psychedelic to jazz.  This year's Saturday Album has the same range; dabbling in a multitude of genres, picking my brain apart every time I played it.

Haust is sinister post-punk death rock black metal, and as with all Saturday albums, you can listen to it while you are laying on your couch in the sun and it will make you so happy.

Haust (Norway), album - Bodies (song - Days (1:10:09-1:15:20))

Tempel (Phoenix), album - The Moon Lit Our Path: Best instrumental album, excelling when they jam out and let their hair flow loose, swinging in full arcs above their heads

Freedom Hawk (VA), album - Into Your Mind: Stoner album that just rocks out so bad ass.  It is a favorite of mine to listen with a beer.  Hazy hook rock in the best Saturday afternoon way.

Best Vintage Old School Beer Metal that Automatically Feathers Your Hair When You Listen to It:

Anthemic old school heavy metal that is FUCKING FUN.  Remember when music was fun?

Enforcer (Sweden), album - From Beyond (song - Destroyer (1:!5:54-1:19:34))

Best Grind/#1 album:

Complex ominious landscape with grind on the side.  Raw, furious, perfectly sculpted grind.  The vocalist is FANTASTIC, my favorite was his melodic screeching style.  They had their San Diego friend Author and Punisher contribute, which I noticed immediately.  The musicianship was PERFECT on this album.

Cattle Decapitation (San Diego), album - The Anthropocene Extinction (song - Manufactured Extinct (1:20:38-END))

You can watch the cutie-pie vocalist in 2012 record his vocals, and see into that process. Nuts. Am I allowed to say that this band is adorable?

Here is the Making of The Anthropocene Extinction:

Theories (Seattle), album – Regression: I wanted to scream along with the vocalist of Theories.  They put out grind that breaks into death and groove, prog and brutal.

Cloud Rat (Michigan), album – Qliphoth: Bad ass female lead singer, and songs that are more than short and brutal.  Includes hardcore, soft touches of post-punk, and rifftastic death.

Noisem (MD), album - Blossoming Decay: This band won last week for Best Hardcore/Punk, see review there.

Fuck the Facts (Ottawa), album - Desire Will Rot: Groove, guttural, proggy.

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Best Horror/SciFi Soundtrack:

There was no competition.  It Follows was hands down the best soundtrack, be it horror or not.  Fabulous film helped by a dread-filled retro-futuristic soundtrack (though not retrofuturism, you know?).

It Follows (composed by Disasterpeace)

Runner-Up: John Carpenter: Technically not an actual soundtrack, but excellent soundtrack-sounding music from our old friend John Carpenter.  He dives right back into the 80's theme, and sounding freshly nostalgic.

Runner-Up: Ex Machina: The ambient portions were fine; but where this soundtrack shines was the scary and suspenseful areas. It just hammers the tension right into your head.

Best Death:

Hands down Sulphur Aeon is the most thoughtful death metal album of the year.  It is blisteringly catchy and just rips.  I listened to it three times in my first listening, ‘cause it ain’t exhausting.  You should be listening to all the bands in this category.

Sulphur Aeon (Germany), album - Gateway To The Antisphere (song - Into The Courts Of Azathoth (0:28-4:46))

Runner-Up: Thurisaz (Belgium), album - The Pulse of Mourning: Can death metal be emotional? Hell yes.  Thurisaz brings in the atmosphere and melody.

Runner-Up: Horrendous (Philly), album – Anareta: The most "easy-listening" and catchy of the death metal band contenders.  The vocalist is super unique.

Runner-Up: Lost Soul (Poland), album - Atlantis: The New Beginning: The most TECHNICAL and classic death on this list. 

Best Stoner Doom:

One of the requirements of this category is to put listeners in a spell with large crushing riffs, and groove out. This is Magic Circle’s second album, and it is heavier than the runner-ups.  Just keep listening, super groove stuff here.  This band just gets better and better.

Magic Circle (Boston), album - Journey Blind (song - Journey Blind (6:10-14:35))

Runner-Up: Spelljammer (Sweden), album - Ancient of Days: Nothing here to do but take a huge drag of your spliff and feel the weight of each of these compositions spin you on a journey.

Runner-Up: Mammoth Storm (Sweden), album – Fornjot: Layered sounds is the game here, and Mammoth Storm keeps it every so fresh by keeping you surprised with where the songs are going.  Also, the best vocals - super sultry.

Best Evil Avant-Garde:

Cloak of Altering is a side project of Gnaw Their Tongues, and the album is dense, bizarre, horror, avante-garde-infused-assault metal.

Cloak of Altering (Netherlands), album – Manifestation (song - Stretching Infinity (15:18-22:44))

Runner-Up: Gnaw Their Tongues (Netherlands), album - Abyss of Longing Throats: Gnaw Their Tongues didn't lose here.  This is hands down one of the best albums of the year.  They just happened to be competing with their side project and semi-came in second. Dark, creepy horror.

Best Psychedelic/Space Rock:

Lori from Acid King cements the space-y composition of Acid King's brand new album with her vocals. Super trippy distorted fuzzy space goodness.

Acid King (San Francisco), album - Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (song - Coming Down From Outer Space (23:52-29:39))

Runner-Up: Yuri Gagarin (Sweden), album - At the Center of All Infinity: Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space, a Russian cosmonaut.  Swedish band Yuri Gagarin composes into music the idea of diving into space.  Your brain will be way out there.

Runner-Up: Nocturnalia (Sweden), album – Above Below Within: Heavy rock, lined with solid vocals and a gaggle of scrumptious jam sessions

Runner-Up: Ecstatic Vision (Philly), album – Sonic Praise: They shine when the music dissolves into instrumental waves of fuzzy space rock.

Best Hardcore/Punk-Influenced:

Noisem is ambiance, death, thrash, grind, punk and technical hardcore. Tons of grind, but their young energy breaks it up into a ripping hardcore album.

Noisem (MD), album - Blossoming Decay (song - Cascade of Stars (30:15-34:28))

Runner-Up: Cult Leader (SLC), album - Lightless Walk: CLOSE second. Members of Gaza.  Suffocating grind infuses this album, breaking into pummeling hardcore.  Produced by Kurt Ballou.

Runner-Up: Mutoid Man (Boston/California), album – Bleeder: Mutoid Man is true lyrical rock, breaking into technical proggy dirty riffs. You have to love Stephen Brodsky (Cave In) to love this band, which I do, profoundly.

Best Vocals/Lyrics:

Windhand’s album is incredible melodic metal, which uses Dorthia Cottrell’s vocals as the focal point. Emotional masterpiece creationists, these Windhand folks.

Windhand (VA), album - Grief's Infernal Flower (song - Two Urns (35:01-42:37))

Runner-Up: Grusom (Denmark), album – S/T: Sexy blues vocals, a classic "best vocals" style: clean and hella good.

Runner-Up: Fister (St. Louis), album – IV: Not classically a vocal style that many people would say, "hey this dude's vocals are really gorgeous."  But it is: guttural menacing evil shrieks.  This dude must be f’n hot.

Best Sludge:

Sludge does not need to be slow.  It is dark and grimey and aggressive.  Whether it is slow or fast, it is mostly dirty and abrasive.  Sludge is some of the darkest and most evil metal there is, highlighted by distortion and shrieking vocals.  This was absolutely one of the most difficult categories to rate, because all three bands released GIANT albums. I fucking love Fister, whatever they do, whatever he shrieks.  This album is one huge songs that contains the best groove breakdowns.  Fister is one evil mofo band overall though.  I want to have a beer with them in St. Louis, and then they can take me into an alley and sacrifice me to Satan.

Fister (St. Louis), Album - IV (song - (portion of) IV: Fister (43:37-53:40))

Runner-Up: Senior Fellows (Oklahoma), album – Shallow Grave for a Dying God: Senior Fellows is the catchiest in this category, and still savage enough to kill you.

Runner-Up: Hivelords (Philly), album – Tapered Limbs of a Human Star: Abrasive, chilling, atmospheric and experimental, and goes down so incredibly easily.  This album was the weirdest of all the albums, which is a HUGE compliment.

Best Genre-Defying Metal and 2nd Best Album of the Year:

You haven’t heard A Forest of Stars, most likely.  It is some theatrical crazy shit, based on black metal and folk.  It is progressive and weird and a big ol’ mess of juxtapositions.  It will surprise and entertain and make you laugh. But it is also very dark and menacing and bad ass.  It is avant-garde psychedelic folk black metal with violins and flutes

A Forest of Stars (U.K.), album - Beware The Sword You Cannot See (song - Hive Mindless (54:53-END))


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Due to pushing a huge last set of the year, I forgo me talking between the songs.  In a couple of weeks I will have two weeks of my “Best of 2015” shows.

[Releases January 2016] 2 piece experimental black metal band Spektr will be releasing their album in late January. It has the weirdness of early industrial, which is mainly experimentation + catchy headrolling stuff.

Through the Darkness of Future Past: Spektr (France)(0:28-5:30)

SOLO project Rebel Wizard is blistering heavy metal thrash, catchy to the extreme, groove-laden, and accompanied by screechingly-jolting vocals.

A place to rest the dead inside is never to be found: Rebel Wizard (Australia)(5:31-8:31)

Fórn and Yautja came out with the best EP, one song each, both of them addictive. Fórn is the filthy sludge song.  Yautja had a Converge-esque noise hardcore song, which is fucking awesome too. 

Ancient Tongues: Fórn (Boston)(8:32-13:58)

Freedom Hawk has a twinge of young Ozzy in it.  Traditionally heavy rock, in the best classic way, surges through your blood, building up with fun hooks, rocking riffs, and those guitars harmonizing.  Listen to on a warm couch with a cold beer in your hand.

Lost in Space: Freedom Hawk (VA)(13:59-19:37)

Large dreary bleak rotting landscape: noise noise noise assault.

A Sheep Among the Wolves: Regarde Les Hommes Tomber (France)(19:38-26:56)

Psychedelic melody, large riffs strumming through the air, thick compositions, cascading vocals, all from three people from Wisconsin.

Beneath the Waves: Moon Curse (Milwaukee)(27:31-34:34)

French black metal spin-off band with members of Aosoth and Antaeus.  This is a debut album from VI: relentlessly fast black metal, no nothing breaking this shit up.  Raw, fast, tight, fist clenching brutality.

Il Est Trop Tard Pour Rendre Gloire: VI (Paris)(35:35-39:55)

The Black Wizards recorded this second album in a live setting in 24 hours. The female lead singer is gorgeous, fuzzy blues, and rocks out.

Waiting For A Train: The Black Wizards (Portugal)(39:56-46:49)

Young, fresh-faced Luthuanians bring forth innovative hallucination-creating black metal.

III: Au-Dessus (Luthuania)(47:20-53:51)

[Releases in January 2016] The first element I heard was darkwave/post-punk, and then epic, large dark-atmosphere metal.

Mirage: Lycus (Oakland)(53:52-1:01:06)

Led by female vocalist, warm and rich heavy hard rock psychedelic doom and stoner. 

Green Queen: Disenchanter (Portland)(1:01:07-1:07:44)

Solo project Finnish bro's large chaotic compositions that somehow pulls together in a catchy way.

The Dreaming Tombs: Devouring Star (Finland)(1:07:45-1:13:08)

[Releases February 2016] Ocerco is described as post-black metal, but no one wants to be called that shit.  What they are is ominous, tight and tense, creating a very dark atmosphere.  I didn't hear any romance, which sort of hinders the post-black metal genre. I love me my romance, but I need it within dissonance.

O Colapso: Ocerco (Portugal)(1:13:09-1:18:53)

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Psychedelic atmospheric soundtrack for Russian cosmonauts.

Oblivion: Yuri Gagarin (Sweden)(0:28-8:18)

Noise, folk, theatrical black metal from some Frenchies. 

Absolution: Maieutiste (France)(9:42-17:39)

Creepy Detroit noise. 

Catching the Rich Train: Wolf Eyes (Detroit)(18:12-24:51)

Egypt is the best at always adding the best guitar riffs, jams out at the end of every song.  Wait for it.

Tres Madres: Egypt (Fargo)(25:45-31:21)

Rich blues crooning.  Whole album is a trip. 

Black Woman: Mammothwing (31:53-40:26)

Top-notch party stoner.

Great Awakening: Toke (North Carolina)(41:04-46:40)

Greek sludgey hardcore.

Clean Cop: Chronoboros (Greece)(47:37-50:42)

Fuzzy Polish groove.

Supercluster: Major Kong (Poland)(50:58-57:12)

Christmas song (to end)

Behind My Vocals: Darth Vader, The Smiths, Christopher Cross, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Sisters, The The

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Polish anonymous band is part monastery, part pummeling, part melodic, part black metal. 

Yekteniya 3: Batushka (Poland)(0:28-5:08)

New Fell Voices/Vanum/Vorde drummer in Yellow Eyes.  American black metal at its best: clean dense pretty.

The Mangrove, The Preserver: Yellow Eyes (NY)(6:32-12:34)

[Releases in February] Heavy gaze with a heavy hand of doom.  Guest Dale Crover.

Wolves Within Wolves: Low Flying Hawks (Mexico City/nomads)(13:28-19:06)

Female-led Cloud Rat is filthy grind.

Rusting Belt: Cloud Rat (Michigan)(19:33-21:48)

[Releases in January] Tight thrash from 30-year-old band.

The raging tides: Exumer (Germany)(22:13-26:18)

Technical death metal, but they do a great job of breaking up the density in fun ways.  Catchy.

I Defy For I Am Free: Sarpanitum (UK/Japan)(27:33-32:05)

[Releases in 2016] Blues-rock at its best.  This band was runner-up in 2014’s Best 70’s Revitalist.

Black Magic: Brimstone Coven (W. VA)(32:35-37:41)

Triumvir Foul is Ash Borer’s death metal side. Fast and filthy.

Pathways to Decay: Triumvir Foul (Portland)(38:06-42:51)

[Releases March 2016] Fantastic dark post-punk gorgeousness.

Silk Ribbon: Moth (Denmark)(43:18-47:25)

Greeks do it right.  Aggressive GREEK black metal. 

Fucking Your Creation: Dodsferd (Greece)(48:44-55:07)

Un’s guitarist and vocalist is bassist of Samothrace. If you like funeral doom, this is one of the best this year.

Forgotten Path: Un (Seattle)(55:52-END)

Behind My Vocals: Flash Arnold, Vector Sector, NightStop, BloodDragon, Dynatron, Nightcrawler, Pertubator, Grooveworthy, Vincenzo Salvia


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It doesn’t surprise me that Cloak of Altering and Gnaw Their Tongues are connected.  They both came out with some of the most dense, bizarre, horror, avante-garde-infused-assault metal this year.  You know, the usual.   

-3.003486962(6)+ 10-66: Cloak of Altering (Netherlands)(0:28-7:19)

Hot sweaty, I mean, Swedish doom.

Fornjot: Mammoth Storm (Sweden)(8:47-16:58)

Evil Australian-bleached death metal in a shot glass of prog.  

Fertile Crescent: Ur Draugr (Australia)(17:37-24:58)

Scorpion Child is finally coming out with their second album early next year.  This is their first release which makes ya salivate fo’mo’.  They are all-American rockers.

She Sings, I Kill: Scorpion Child (Austin)(26:01-31:01)

Luminous Vault started off as anonymous.  My guess was that they were doing a study on how reputation affects record sales.  They are members of Artificial Brain and Castevet, mixing up a blend of romantic death metal.

Deliver the Wound: Luminous Vault (NY)(32:14-37:01)

LA!! Sonic Medusa is SO frigging LA, boasting of celebrities and glam. I am waiting for the full album, this is the LA-mix of NWOBHM, done so well by some cute old guys who know how to sing and play guitar.  This ain’t some kids and it shows.

Cold Wind: Sonic Medusa (LA)(37:48-44:16)

Female vocalist shines in this filthy band from Toronto. 

Rejection Is Agony: Antibody (Toronto)(44:44-50:35)

Dopelord went to see UFOMAMMUT live, is my theory.  They have pulled elements of space and stoner bliss into their swampy sludge. 

Distant Lights: Dopelord (Poland)(51:00-57:59)

Italian angular dissonance from Lamantide.

Immortalis Lapis: Lamantide (Italy)(58:16-1:02:01)

Relentless fucking drone from the drone gods themselves.

Kannon 2: Sunn O))) (Seattle)(1:02:42-END)

Behind My Vocals: CRYSEHD, Kid Machine, BALevolent Virtue, Lowghos, Time Travel, Cryocon, VHS Dreams

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