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Intro (0-0:27)

Bitter: Dead Southern Bishop (Georgia) (0:28-6:50)


(Touring the south with Georgia’s Dead Southern Bishop and Tennessee’s Otis Reaper – southern malice and blackened vocals)


Graveyard Sorcery: Otis Reaper (Tennessee) (7:28-10:19)


(Touring the northwest with Sun Eater, who are mostly dreamy instrumental psychedelic music; 90’s Burning Witch with members of Thor’s Hammer and Goatsnake)


Sun Eater: Sun Eater (Tacoma) (11:03-17:10)

Tower Place: Burning Witch (Seattle) (17:40-22:55)


(Canadian Pyres are metal sludge and hardcore)


Atlas Cast No Shadow: Pyres (Toronto) (23:12-29:02)


(Beautiful female vocals and 70’s style bluesy back porch rock from Greece) 


Lady Fantasy: Dead Man’s Band (Greece) (29:32-33:57)


(Batillus will be coming out with a split with Whitehorse in May, and heading on a short tour of the northeast; Whitehorse is slumbering dark stuff; NOÛS released an EP out that is experimental loud sludge)


Control, Annihilate: Whitehorse (Australia) (34:52-38:55)

Biota: NOÛS (Australia) (39:27-43:28)


(Relapse Records is marketing 16 all over the place; dark and angry, though the vocals aren’t my favorite)  


Theme from "Pillpopper": 16 (LA) (44:03-47:40)


(Billy Anderson seems to mix and record every band including Sweden’s Galvano; I will be in Paris next week!!! But I am pre-recording a show with all new stuff so keep listening live next week!)


The Librarian: GALVANO (Sweden) (48:35-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Copper Eye: Fleshpress (Finland) (0:28-6:16)


(Fleshpress from Finland like fleshlights; Blizaro is Horror Rock and plays organs)


Night Fumes: Blizaro (NY) (7:28-15:12)


(Tres Perros jams live in Berlin)


Drop Out (live in Berlin): Tres Perros (Poland) (15:36-21:03)


(Gods of Chaos is crusty anger from Croatia)


Grinning with an Errection at the Gallows: Gods of Chaos (Croatia) (21:55-25:10)


(Black metalist Claudia Alcara’s beautiful acoustic side project; No Anchor is Australian energy)


gone by the fall: stroszek (Italy) (25:41-30:36)

Pussyfootin': No Anchor (Brisbane) (30:38-32:44)


(I am racist, Finnish Otu is badass sneering badness; soothing Buried Sleeper)


Apocalypse: Otu (Finland) (33:11-40:42)

Colosseum: Buried Sleeper (UK) (41:04-46:57)


(Angsty Idaho creates music)


The Youngest One in Curls: Diazepam (Idaho) (47:18-51:48)


(Russian The Moon Mistress is heavy, low, awesome vocals)


Cease To Exist: The Moon Mistress (Russia) (52:20-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

The First Man: Cormorant (San Francisco) (0:28-6:21)


(Cormorant is death/thrash/prog, a “best of” album; Spanish Horn of the Rhino new release with awesome fun HEAVY riffs and great vocalist)


Under The Hoof: Horn of the Rhino (Spain) (7:02-12:09)


(Duskburn says they like Weedeater and Deadbird)


Charred: Duskburn (Croatia) (12:25-16:33)


(Desertfest in London last weekend and had the best bands ever – must go to this if they have it next year; Brachiosauride’s album has a bunch of different styles in one album; they are total weirdos


The Burning Giraffe: Brachiosauride (No idea where they are from) (17:41-22:08)


(OM new album in July; The Flight of Sleipnir’s album is beautiful – so if you don’t like pretty, you won’t like this)


The Serpent Ring: The Flight of Sleipnir (Colorado) (22:34-28:04)


(Mangoo from Small Stone records;  Black Space Riders is spacy and psychedelic with a singer that reminds me of David Bowie when he isn’t growling)


You, Robot: Mangoo (Finland) (28:33-33:19)

Night Over Qo Nos (Masrammey): Black Space Riders (Germany) (33:50-38:33)


(Black Mountain is psychedelic with atmospheric gloomy dark vocals – very awesome vocals/romantic)


Tyrants: Black Mountain (Canada) (38:52-46:25)


(Ufomammut’s new release – much darker than their other releases)


Infearnatural: Ufomammut (Italy) (47:00-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Viols: Gauchiste (DC) (0:28-4:33)


(Gauchiste is horror ambient with this awesome brutal underlying metal sound going on, a trio, one musician from Loincloth; Argentina’s Cabrocordero is frigging AWESOME, low bass gritty dirty trash metal)  


Anitcha: Cabrocordero (Argentina) (5:27-8:34)


(Mike Scheidt from YOB will be playing solo at Roadburn in a couple of weeks; new solo album out on June 12th on Thrill Jockey; Hog is SO GOOD and has members from Tooth)


Sightless & Deaf: Hog (North Carolina) (9:10-14:36)


(Finnish band Horse Latitudes have new album –they two bass guitars and drums)


dissolution: Horse Latitudes (Finland) (14:57-22:16)


(Greenleaf from Small Stone Records is Dozer and Truckfighters spin-off with a brand new album; catchy rock, king of jamming)


Jack Staff: Greenleaf (Sweden) (23:18-27:24)


(I love Small Stone Records but the new Ancestor album SUCKS; Asteroid out with a new album soon;  Philadelphia has a great scene including the next 2 awesome bands: Hivelords and Sadgiqucea (Sah-ju-kay-sha) which is a 2 piece band)


upon arrival at the grim structure: Hivelords (Philadelphia) (28:24-35:52)

Nature's Antidote: SADGIQACEA (Philadelphia) (35:54-41:51)


(Japanese Sigh is old school black metal but more experimental now and has an AWESOME new album)


The Transfiguration Fear: Sigh (Japan) (42:12-46:58)


(TeePee records rules: Elks and Kadavar:

Elks album “Destined for the Sun” described by the band in the following way: “peaceful inhabitants of a planet colonized by an expanding empire.  Tricked during first contact, the natives find themselves aboard a golden space hulk hurtling towards the nearest sun. Without food or water they are forced to eat the flesh of their kin while the heat from the approaching sun slowly cooks them alive. Eventually their screams reach out across the stars to awaken a slumbering Rift Wurm, which knocks them off course. Their ship crash lands on an inhabitable planet, and the unlucky survivors begin to rebuild their society with one goal in mind: Revenge.”)


The Transfiguration Fear: Elks (Brooklyn) (48:17-53:00)


(TeePee’s Kadavar is frigging awesome, especially if you are a fan of Graveyard/70’s revitalists stuff – they are NOT the Italian death metal band, spelled exactly the same)


Black sun: Kadavar (Berlin) (53:33-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Lähendama: Serious Beak (Sydney) (0:27-2:36)


(Mental metalists Serious Beak influenced by Secret Chiefs and Dillinger Escape Plan, intriguing album art of a vulturish bird being eaten by two other birds; experimental Spanish band Blooming Latigo made up of a bassist, 2 drummers and vocalist who are just awesomely weird)


Natrix Maura: Blooming Látigo (Spain) (3:25-8:19)




Battle in the Swamp: Conan (UK) (8:31-13:11)


(Lugnoro coming out with an album in May, put out by Ozium records in Sweden; anthemic Bloodhorse is classic kickass) 


Lugnoro: Lugnoro (Sweden) (13:52-19:59)

A Passing Thought to the Contrary: Bloodhorse (Boston) (20:30-24:59)


(New Zealand made a beer named after the band BEASTWARS)


Damn the Sky: BEASTWARS (New Zealand) (25:24-30:40)


(Arenna is AWESOME with Spanish vocals;  Leeches of Lore vocals are some of the best ever, this album is fantastic/highly recommended)


Receiving the Liquid Writings: Arenna (Spain) (31:20-37:01)

When The Sky Falls: Leeches Of Lore (New Mexico) (37:32-44:30)


(British rock Gentlemen’s Pistols in the vein of Witchcraft is one to see live)


Your Magesty: Gentlemen's Pistols (UK) (44:53-49:13)


(English disbanded band Mutts has 60s, 70s, 90s in the album; and a new one from High on Fire)


I Us You We: Mutts (UK) (49:48-54:09)

Madness of an Architect: High on Fire (Oakland) (54:11-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Fire: Asteroid (Sweden) (0:28-5:43)

(70’s revitalists show with bands influenced by all the 70’s greats.  Lots of bands from Scandinavia, including Asteroid; Graveyard’s first album reissued by TeePee records, in stores now) 

Ain't Fit To Live Here: Graveyard (Sweden) (7:12-10:15)

(Crusher Records’s Horisont with new album this week) 

High Time: Horisont (Sweden) (10:28-14:27)

(LA’s band Gypsyhawk is one of my faves – influenced by Thin Lizzy if you cannot tell!)

For Those Who Love the Lizz: Gypsyhawk (LA) (14:52-21:05)

(HOT Bill Steer who pioneered Carcass and Napalm Death started Firebird with a very different sound with Cathedral and Spiritual Beggars’ members)

Forsaken: Firebird (UK) (22:10-25:44)

(The Devil’s Blood is sister/brother; Orchid doesn’t mind being highly influenced by Black Sabbath)

The Yonder Beckons: The Devil's Blood (Netherlands) (26:15-32:06)

Capricorn: Orchid (San Francisco) (32:07-38:33)

(Lonely Kamel is coming out with a 3rd album soon; Dozer’s spinoff group Greenleaf are awesome)

Evil Man: Lonely Kamel (Norway) (39:22-42:23)

Masterplan: Greenleaf (Sweden) (42:24-45:33)

(Sungrazer is a more modern 70's sound;   Uncle Acid was on my 2011 top 20 list)

Octo: Sungrazer (Netherlands) (45:53-49:02)

I'm Here To Kill You: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (UK) (49:03-52:37)

(Austrian group Been Obscene first whose album is very diverse – like psychedelic and experimental and spacey; Thunderlip has been influenced by Judas Priest/Iron Maiden

Uniform: Been Obscene (Austria) (53:07-56:57)

Prophecy II (The Second Coming): Thunderlip (North Carolina) (56:58-end) 

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Intro (0-0:27)

The Serpent Lives: Junior Bruce (Florida) (0:28-5:23)


(Ex-Bloodlet spin-off Junior Bruce is southern rock/hardcore vocals; 2 piece girl band Mares of Thrace, ex-bassist of Ken Mode - 2010’s Canadian metal album of the year, touring in May)


General Sherman: Mares of Thrace (Calgary) (6:13-11:01)


(Verdun doomy and atmospheric and very original; horribly named Iron Mtn but still a good psychedelic band)


LAST MAN STANDING: Verdun (France) (11:37-19:01)

Erebus: Iron Mtn (LA) (19:02-24:46)


(White Hills new album spacey and experimental)


You Dream You See: White Hills (NYC) (25:16-30:51)


(Agent of the Morai is on a split with Slomatics who are coming out with a split with Conan(!); Blizzard at Sea is proggy and sludge angst)


Memento Mori: Agent of the Morai (UK) (31:21-36:29)

Closed Universe: Blizzard at Sea (Iowa) (37:00-42:14)


(Tlon’s third album similar to Graveyard, jammy 70’s stuff, more ethnic)


DESCASCARADA: Tlon (Argentina) (42:38-46:34)


Church of Misery will be playing at the Maryland Deathfest in May which was SUPPOSED to be their first US show EVER, but as I learned last night from the owner of Armegeddon Records, they are actually doing a minitour before the festival and playing in Providence first!!)



 I, Motherfucker (Ted Bundy): Church of Misery (Japan) (47:35-53:38)


(Grave Disgrace is heavy and depressed doom; party until next week!)


Eternal Wait: Grave Disgrace (Russia) (54:08-END)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Spawning the Nephilim: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (0:28-5:25)


(Chicago’s Lord Mantis has Dave from Nachtmystium; new release Pervertor out on March 12th; Reverend Bizarre has spin-off project Lord Vicar – look them up on my website as they rule)


Doomsower: Reverend Bizarre (Finland) (6:10-11:45)


(Ultralord spins off from Fistula – again, look Fistula up on my site; Ultralord’s album is AWESOME)


Wizard Pimp: Ultralord (Ohio) (12:05-16:55)


(Victor, the Reverend of Despair hailing from Chicago, has put up his write-ups on his bandcamp site: “Spirit Writing has been praised by critics as "the biggest junk ever" and "totally alienating." The quality was ... noted as being "atrocious." "As long as people will continue to mindlessly follow the Reverend, he will continue to manipulate their minds in the name of freedom” – also this dude is a friend and awesome, so listen to his stuff!)


The Grieg and Euphorization Revealed: The Reverend of Despair (Illinois) (18:09-21:29)


(Colour Haze played years ago in a festival that I always wanted to go to - Emissions of the Monolith.  Psychedelic strong rock, with some hippie stuff running through it, good music for relaxation)


Silent: Colour Haze (Germany) (22:12-29:29)


(Eagle Twin is a 2 piece band, coming out on Southern Lord with a new album soon) 


And it came to pass that birds fell to earth as black snakes: Eagle Twin (SLC) (29:45-36:09)


(Canada brings forth doom for all, Witchstone’s full length is fully anticipated;  2 piece Wizard Rifle are weirdos but awesome; and their album looks like the necronomicon)


The Devil's Bridge: Witchstone (Calgary) (37:13-43:28)

Megatherium: Wizard Rifle (Portland) (43:29-50:52)


(Keep it real, Florida scene is erupting with stoner and sludge)


Aeden Carr: Fire In the Cave (Orlando) (51:53-end)


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Happy Leap Year!
INTRO (0-0:27)

And the Ass had Spoken: Arabrot (Norway) (0:28-5:18)


(Arabrot from Norway likes anus and were nominated for a Norwegian grammy; Horse Latitudes from Finland has drummer vocalist/dual basses)


Decayment: Horse Latitudes (Finland) (6:03-


(Popular bands High on Fire/Melvins – new albums this spring and tours following)


Cigarette Rabbit: Rubble (Austin) (13:10-19:29)

The Ritual: Horrendous (somewhere US) (19:58-24:45)


(SXSW in March will have Young and in the way AND GYPSYHAWK; Saturnalia Temple is weird; Year of the Goat sings about Satan)


Sitra Ahra Ruled Solitary Before Creation: Saturnalia Temple (Sweden) (25:41-32:21)

Dark Load: Year of the Goat (Sweden) (32:51-37:43)


(Finnish Hooded Menace was at Maryland Deathfest 2011, great leadup to headbang; HORISONT RULES, if you like Graveyard and 70’s retro from Sweden, you will love Horisont)


Night of the Deathcult: Hooded Menace (Finland) (38:16-44:50)

The Unseen: Horisont (Sweden) (44:51-48:52)


(Accidentally made a Finnish/Swedish show. . Happy Leap Year!)


Magus of Lust: Domovoyd (Finland) (49:54-53:31)

Kometh: Propane Propane (Sweden) (53:32-END)


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Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper summer tour

Aldebaran/Noothgrush in Europe in May

Ceremony of Sludge March 2-3 in Portland/$4 night

Fister with East of the Wall/Hull in March in St. Louis


Intro (0-1:27)

Huata (France) (0:28-8:01)


(Huata will play at Roadburn, new release; I have played Black Pyramid before but their new album has been released on vinyl – and their whole album is fun fun fun)


Night Queen: Black Pyramid (Massachusetts) (8:54-15:35)


(30,000 Monkies new album has weird song titles)


Stab You Elf: 30,000 Monkies (Belgium) (15:49-20:55)


(Classic 70’s style Stubb has free download off bandcamp)


Scale the Mountain: Stubb (U.K.) (21:15-26:27)


(Loincloth=floppy penises, proggy album of short instrumental songs, Hivemind is hardcore influenced)


Voden: Loincloth (North Carolina/Virginia) (27:18-29:48)

Dead Sea: Hivemind (New Zealand) (29:50-31:53)


(Fister is slow yet brutal, playing St. Louis with East of the Wall, Hull, Black Tusk)


Violence II: The An Lushan Rebellion: Fister (St. Louis) (32:23-36:33)


(Go to, search for Pallbearer who I have played already, who just released their new album – I love it; grizzly vocals Old Man Lizard)


El Doctor: Old Man Lizard (U.K.) (36:59-42:43)


(Alice Cooper/Iron Maiden summer tour!! Wizard’s Beard showcasing their new album at a huge show in Leeds, with bands like Wiht)


Wizard’s Beard: Wizard’s Beard (Leeds) (43:29-49:13)


(Ceremony of Sludge in Portland, $4 a night March 2nd and 3rd, Aldebaran European tour with Noothgrush; Omega Massif’s 2011 album Karpatia is instrumental awesomeness)


Wolfe: Omega Massif (Germany) (49:47-53:21)


(Conan’s new album in April and you can listen to a new song on Brooklyn Vegan)


Dying Giant: Conan (U.K.) (53:53-end)


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